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Pickenpack Seafoods and the owner-operated holding company Trident Seafoods control and manage the complete added value chain – from the own fleet to the finished product on the consumers plate.
Trident Seafoods – one of the most sustainable and efficient fisheries of our planet is catching the wild fish species in the clear Alaskan waters. Alaska Pollock is one of the most valuable food of the world. Easy to digest protein, rich in omega 3, with essential vitamins and trace elements like iodine and selenium.

Trident Seafoods operates thirteen own strategic located plants along the more than 20,000 miles long Alaskan coastline – from the Gulf of Alaska to the Bering Sea – just to process the harvested fish directly and without significiant losses. In the state-of-the-art frozen seafood plant of Pickenpack Seafoods in northern Germany – we process and add value to single frozen Alaska Pollock fillets from catching area FAO

MSC certified products:
Sustainable and responsible.

The source of the entire Pickenpack Seafood business is the product fish, whose habitat and growth has to be protected. Pickenpack Seafoods guarantees responsible fishing in order to ensure fish stocks for future generations. We support environmental standards that ensure fair and environmentally responsible fishing, and are proud to be able to offer you products from sustainable fisheries.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is an independent non-profit organization dedicated to securing the world’s fish and seafood stocks for the future. A product which is labelled with the MSC logo comes from a fishery which cares for the fish an oceanic ecosystem in its fishing grounds. For more information about MSC, please visit: www.msc.org/de.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

As a member of the Groundfish Forum, we are actively involved in the areas of sustainable development – on water, on land and in the air. For example through programs to reduce our CO2 emissions and to constantly improve the recycling of packaging.

ISO 50001:2011

ISO 50001:2011